Seminar DON’T CALL IT A CONTEXT by Heiko Pfreundt

Seminar DON’T CALL IT A CONTEXT by Heiko Pfreundt

January 14 – 16, 2020, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Heiko Pfreundt for his seminar Don´t call it a context – About the constant changes in artistic practice through self-organized structures and discussing the works of our participants within the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator.

“The more we speak of self-organized practice in art, the more the image of art itself expands. To be self-organized and independent means to build up an experimental practice expanded through cooperation, to reflect on the places of art, to say goodbye to the dilemma of institutional critique and to revise originally ironic plans in order to develop one’s own structures that deal with artistic resources in a more desirable way. The seminar would like to use some examples from the structural work of project spaces to show how much what we expect from artistic practice has changed steadily over the past few years as a result of more spatially diverse, socially permeable and gender-progressive developments, and how much it depends on allies in this process.” (Text by courtesy of Heiko Pfreundt)

The spirit of Heiko Pfreundt´s (DE, lives and works in Berlin, DE) current practices moves between digital ruins, informal learning, a new desire of permanence in games and curatorial plays. In the recent series IS IT A GAME? at Kreuzberg Pavillon, he and Lisa Schorm specify this range of interests in art and games and their facilities from the perspective of a player in which the ultimate prize is neither to be an artist, nor a curator but to be completely undisciplined. His recent collaborations include projects with Omsk Social Club, The Feminist Gaming Group by Eloise Bonneviot and a joint venture of Dafna Maimon and Lucinda Dayhew for an artistic Escape Room. He writes occasionally about project spaces and translation of space as artistic practice in hybrid localities. In 2019 he was one of the organizers of the Project Space Festival Berlin – When the Hunger starts.