November 22, 2019, 7 – 9 PM

Many thanks to the artists Ornella Buglioni & Alejandra Ponciano for realizing two exhibitions at 404 | BAI within the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator.

Opening: November 22, 2019, 7 – 9 PM
Exhibition: November 22 – 27, 2019
Address: An der Industriebahn 12–16, 13088 Berlin, building 404, 2nd floor

Exhibition of Paintings, Collages and Works on Paper by Argentinian/Italian Artist Ornella Buglioni

“Using art also as a therapeutic tool, I set my inner child to play, to create without limits or themes. These works are equivalent to a pictorial game in which the woman and the girl unite in a work of introspection. This process of internal synthesis, of fusion of moments, childhood memories, accompanies a work of personal transformation, where artistic expression is positioned as a need that must be met. The compositions are elaborated with elements, colors, textures and forms both owned and foreign, where the layers are merged in harmony. Using collage intuitively, as a unifying element of the body of work, in an attempt to exploit the potential of the subconscious mind.” (Text by courtesy of Ornella Buglioni)

More information on the Ornella Buglioni Website.

ENCOUNTER – An Exhibition of Paintings, Collages, Photographies and Works on Paper curated by Mexican Cucara Macara Art Collective (Alejandra Ponciano & Elías Zacarías)

“The idea of this collective exhibition arises from the coincidence of the encounter. This selection of works seeks to make known the work of artists from different disciplines (ranging from medicine to architecture through different nuances), which converge in the exploration of materials and the use of the image as raw material of contemporary works with a broad artistic concept and where art becomes the common thread. The idea arose from painting as a means of understanding how the image changes according to our environment, to that which surrounds us and which inadvertently defines us.

The theory of learning, based on the concept of trial and error, refers to the fact that everything is a process. Processes that are influenced by our environment and perception. Each of these processes are fundamental to create our “great map”; where the intellectual experience and visual iconography that we gather is translated into the particular and infinite language that each of us create and seek to project through our work. Followed by “the encounter”; between the spectator and the work, the collective elaboration of the meaning is propitiated and the experience is concretized.” (Text excerpts by courtesy of Alejandra Ponciano)

More information on the Cucara Macara Art Collective Instagram Page.

 404 | BAI is the display of the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE. 404 is derived from the numeric designation of the building while also referring to the well-known HTTP status code: 404 Not Found, familiar from the internet.