Art from Home: the Wilploo Collection

07.02. – 12.04.2015
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Hoogstraat 112-114

The Wilploo Collection presents a generous selection of works by different artists,  all of them also collected by the Stedelijk Museum. The Wilploo Collection consists predominantly of works on paper – including some very large-sized ones – paintings and ceramics.

The basic principles of the Wilploo Collection are spontaneity, a love of and commitment to the work of artists. A large number of artists has been followed for many years and is amply represented in this collection, which bespeaks a distinct penchant for certain subjects and techniques. Portraits and human figures in which a softness of facial expression and an inner quiet are recurrent features, form a part of the collection. But (urban) landscapes, in which people play no relevant part, are equally well represented. In addition, a selection has been made for the exhibition in Schiedam from works belonging to the ‘Cool Abstraction’, where the relation between form, rhythm and colour is at the basis of the choices made by the collector. Although this collection particularly highlights work on paper and art after 1970, other forms of expression such as paintings, sculptures, photography and video are likewise represented.

Initially, many collectors purchase works especially for themselves, and in addition to support artists whose work they admire. But over the years the urge to share the collection with others will become stronger and stronger. The collectors of the Wilploo Collection are well disposed towards the artists, as well as towards our Museum and the Rijksmuseum Twenthe: a substantial number of the works in the exhibition will be donated to the Museum.

Collectie Wilploo, ISBN/EAN: 978-90-9028823-9.


Aat Veldhoen, Arie de Groot, Armando, Babs Haenen, Barbara Broekman, Bert Frijns, Bert Loerakker, Birgit Speulman, Bram Bogart, Carrie Meijer, Cees Andriessen, César Domela Nieuwenhuis, Co Westerik, Constant, Dick Cassée, Eddy Stikkelorum, Els Binnendijk, Emma Stibbon, Eugène Brands, Eva-Maria Schön, Frank Lodeizen, Frederik Roes, Ger Lataster, Gerda Hofman, Günter Tuzina, Gustave Asselbergs, Hans Boer, Henk de Looper, Henk Schuring, Henny van der Meer, Hugo Tieleman, Inge Reisberman, J.G. Heyen, Johnny Rolf, Jos Boomkamp, Judith de Vries, Judith Schepers, Karel Appel, Karl Ortelt, Lotje de Lussanet, Lucebert, Luuk van Binsbergen, Manfred Schneider, Marcel Prins, Maria Roosen, Marian Aerssens, Marijke de Goey, Marjolijn van den Assem, Mark Verstockt, Marlène Dumas, Marlies Appel, Mieke Groot, Pauline Wiertz, Pearl Perlmuter, Peter van Poppel, Piet Klaasse, Pol Bury, Raquel Maulwurf, Regula Maria Müller, Simon Benson, Simon Koene, Ton de Laat, Tracey Emin, Victor Popov.