We are happy that BAI alumna Holly Baker got selected by the Hanze Minerva Art Academy in Groningen/Netherlands. Starting in 2017 she is going to attend the four years Bachelor Design program! More information on the Hanze Website.

Holly Baker reviews her participation in the Portfolio Course at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“When I first arrived at the Berlin Art Institute I wasn’t confident in my abilities as an artist. My main objective was to build a portfolio fit for different art universities in Europe with the focus of Graphic Design. Caught between wanting to let loose and paint on a large scale and also trying to have the organisation and discipline of a designer, I was pretty much lost in concepts I knew did not maximise my full potential. Through the months I spent at the BAI, Stephanie and Ralf helped me clarify what I really wanted and what my strong points were. When I needed guidance on a project or just to talk about future courses, they were both there at any time pointing me in the right direction.

The weekly gallery visits and Artist talks put me in touch with different works and creators from around the world and gave me an insight into the art world of Berlin which helped to solidify my thoughts on my own style and how to build on the concepts I was just touching on.

With the 24 Hour access to the studios I was able to work on my own terms and on a time frame that suited my needs. The international element of the programme was and incredible experience and gave me the chance to interact and collaborate with artists from every corner of the globe. Many of which will remain close friends for years to come, creating a firm networking opportunity.

I have now been accepted into my first choice course at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands with the help of Stephanie and Ralf and all the support I received at the BAI.” (Testimonial by Holly Baker, 2017)