We are happy that BAI alumna Gala Bell got selected by the Royal College of Art in London. Starting in 2016 she is going to attend the 2-year MA Painting program! More information on the RCA Website.

Gala Bell reviews her participation in the Studio Program at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE:

“I had the most amazing experience at the BAI. The first thing that caught my attention was the institute itself- it is a zygote of anti-establishment, the fact that the founders are so open to inviting different types of artists from all over the world is radical in itself- it’s not elitist or stuck up, it feels grass roots but is located in an incredible industrial building surrounded by mechanics and industrial businesses, which is so useful when sourcing material! The studio was one of the best I’d ever had- huge, white and plenty of natural light. Ralf and Steffi were amazing at giving a real insight into the art world , connecting the participants with gallerists and artists in Berlin. This would never happen in London I can tell you that. Their ethos is free, they see beauty in all its forms, they encourage you to experiment and explore new ways of making. Our first project was public art – putting art into the world and public realm. This was a huge game changer for me. For once I felt really in tune with my own creativity, and I really questioned what art is to the ordinary man. I met some amazing artists sharing a studio which opened up space for collaboration and a lot of fun! Group discussions , seminars and private gallery visits were excellent- you have ample chance to discuss, speak your mind and debate with professionals , and most importantly your peers, new friends that you will probably always have in your new future.

I am so grateful to have been nurtured under the BAI, and now a few months later I really feel that I am reaping the rewards of my time in Berlin and under the guidance of Ralf and Steffi. My creativity and flourished and the BAI gave me the necessary in put to develop. It’s a rare and special place, and for those that are able to see and understand that will really come out a much stronger individual.” (Testimonial by Gala Bell, 2015)