05. April 2018, 10 – 13 Uhr

Vielen Dank an den Künstler Khaled Barakeh für seinen Vortrag „FAMILIAR AND STRANGE PLACES – BETWEEN THE BORDERS” und die Arbeitsbesprechungen mit unseren TeilnehmerInnen.

“The geographical shift in Khaled Barakeh’s life – moving from Syria to Europe – resulted in major changes in his approach towards his work; originally trained as a painter, he then developed a stronger concentration on conceptual art practices. Today, Berlin-based artist works in a variety of media, deliberately chosen for each project, focusing on the current and pertinent issues and often revolving around power structures in context of identity, culture and history. Drawing from his personal experiences – observations of both familiar and strange places, witnessing the repetitive and constantly unsolved social injustice through different points of view – Barakeh approaches creative practices as a tool of social changes. Barakeh is considered to be a part of global artivism movement – often focusing on topics of cultural preservation, aiming to see between the cracks of social and political systems, addressing them in indirect ways.

Through creative storytelling, Barakeh uses negative spaces in modern world – through acts of joining and separation, decontextualising and reconstructing the narratives, blurring the lines between real and fiction and highlighting presence by absence – that of words, objects, individuals, victims, bodies. His art practice can be categorised as cultural hacking – revolving around both personal and social narratives, it often transforms pre-existing materials, objects and data in order to change their contexts through repetitive acts of transformation. Through these actions, Barakeh aims to create new environments for the audience, challenging their expectations and pre-existing assumptions.” (Khaled Barakeh)

Weitere Informationen auf der KHALED BARAKEH Webseite.