Von März – Mai 2017 erarbeitete der Künstler Euan Lynn im Rahmen des Studioprogrammes das Objekt Concrete Composition #1.

Concrete Composition #1, 2017, 18 x 18 cm, Beton

Seeking to explore the politics inherent in our built environment, Euan Lynn’s approach uses skateboarding – both as a subject and an artistic medium – to highlight how it is possible to radically redefine the most mundane of spaces, uncovering the political intent in these locations and bringing it to the fore.

With a focus on material and texture, and working across multiple mediums including photography, painting, and sculpture, Euan’s work simultaneously reflects on the relationship between the art and architecture of the Modernist movement, and on how our experience of the urban landscape can be altered to reveal the hidden cities that lie before our eyes. In doing this, the politics of a space can be inverted or revealed – removing us from the late-capitalist metropolis, and providing us with an alternative way of experiencing the city, perhaps closer to the radical intentions which influenced its design.

The strands of Euan’s work weave together threads of constructivism, psychogeography and high and low cultures colliding to produce a vision of an environment shaped, but not limited by, the ideals of 20th century modernism, and suggests alternative uses such as skateboarding as a way of reclaiming the original utopian spirit of these spaces and artworks. (Euan Lynn)

Euan Lynn schreibt über seine Teilnahme am Studioprogramm des BERLIN ART INSTITUTs:

I spent eight weeks at BAI, from the end of March until the end of May 2017. The time flew by, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. The structure of the programme strikes the perfect balance between intensive discussion and seminars, and allowing you the time to fully immerse yourself in both your work and the incredibly opportunities that Berlin has to offer. 

Our meetings every morning were always filled with fascinating conversations on everything and anything – as well as a fresh pot of coffee or tea! The visitors we had, ranging from artists to curators to people running galleries and project spaces, were always ready to fully engage with us, and being able to discuss our work with them was a great opportunity. Our frequent trips to different project spaces and galleries were also fantastic – being able to meet with the artists showing and the curators of the spaces offered us great insights to the work presented. 

The Spring Academy, which was week 1 of my second block, was a very intensive week, with different speakers every day and ending with an evening trip to the Berlin Art Weekend. Again, the artists, curators and others who came to speak to us were fantastic, giving very interesting talks on the theme – Art In Public Space – and speaking to us about our own work, and the visit to various exhibitions was interesting and a lot of fun! 

Ralf and Stephanie, as well as the visitors who spoke or ran workshops, were always full of suggestions of where to go and what to see, and really helped me to make the most of staying in a city as wonderful as Berlin. My fellow participants were a diverse, fantastic group of people – all of us at different moments on our artistic journeys, but all equals and all supporting one another. Due to the supportive, positive atmosphere, and the fascinating discussions we enjoyed, during my time at BAI my work grew and changed in very positive ways. I am now studying a Masters in Fine Art at Northumbria University, and my time at BAI helped me to get to where I am now. It’s something I’ll always remember, and I can’t wait to go back!” (Testimonial by Euan Lynn)

Euan Lynn ist ein Künstler und lebt in Newcastle. Ab September 2017 wird er am zweijährigen Master-Studiengang Fine Art an der Northumbria University teilnehmen. Er war einer der ausgewählten Künstler, der an der Ausstellung u. A. w. g. @ 404 | BERLIN ART INSTITUTE im Juni 2017 teilnahm.

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