Besuch SLIDES von Martin Kohout

28. Februar 2018, 14 Uhr

Vielen Dank an die Direktorin María Inés Plaza Lazo für ihre Einführung in das Programm und die Geschichte der EXILE Galerie und die Führung für unsere TeilnehmerInnen durch die Ausstellung „SLIDES“ von Martin Kohout.

Ausstellungsdauer: 03. Februar – 03. März 2018
EXILE Galerie
Donnerstag – Samstag, 13 – 18 Uhr & nach Vereinbarung
Kurfürstenstrasse 19, 10785 Berlin

“EXILE is very happy to present Martin Kohout’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition entitled Slides features Kohout’s film by the same name, shown in combination with newly created works which were sourced from within the film itself:

Hey, how are you? Did you sleep ok?

A final, daily browse through excessive information: Before falling asleep, I need to let go off my phone. My device followed me into bed and I have an incessant urge to get a final hit of information that would otherwise get outdated, or even worse, lost. I find out how a new species was found underneath the melting Arctic ice, while I navigate through what my thousands of friends on Instagram have liked or posted.

Following this nightly routine, I do a final refresh of my inbox, looking for emails that clearly can’t wait until morning’s dawn. Only now, my knowledge feels temporarily satisfied. Oh, no, wait, I should use that → that Martin recommended to me. This extra hit of information won’t hurt my sleep-cycle anyways, as the screen of my device has long turned into a muggy yellow color.

Yet again, I browse into his website, →, but am greeted by a disclaimer on his homepage telling me that access is restricted during the night. I totally forgot about the real-time opening hours on his website. My lack of access turns into frustration, and frustration turns eventually into relief, as I am reminded to let go of my device. I’m able to get off the hook, plug my phone into the charger and turn to sleep, while dreams bind together with fragments of endlessly absorbed information.” (Textauszug aus der Pressemitteilung, Courtesy EXILE Galerie)

Weitere Informationen auf der EXILE Galerie Webseite.