October 13, 2016

Many thanks to the artist and CrossCulture Intern Istabraq Hussain alias Istabraq Kinda for his internship at the BAI assisting our participants and providing a comprehensive insight into the broad range of programs of his home organization SHARJAH ART FOUNDATION and linking it to the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE. During his stay he also developed his own artistic projects. His internship at the BAI was supported by a scholarship for participating in the CrossCulture Internships Program (CCP) of ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations).

“With its CrossCulture Internships funding programme, the ifa is advocating intercultural exchange and the strengthening of networks between Germany and Islamic world as a partner of the Federal Foreign Office.

The programme enables internships for young professionals and volunteers from the participating countries and from Germany. International experience is gained and intercultural competence developed through work stays in another culture. CrossCulture internships open up and strengthen the exchange between people, institutions and cultures and thus enable an enhanced partnership between Germany and Islamic countries.” (ifa)

Let’s do it!

More information about his artistic work on the ISTABRAQ KINDA Website.