Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

May 28 – 29, 2019, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Nikola Röthemeyer for her workshop introducing our participants to EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING – Beyond Architecture I & II during the basic course within the Studio Program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School & Arts Incubator.

Beyond Architecture I

Translation »grid« & Composition »postcard« (protectory)

Using the »grid method« we will translate and upscale an undefinable black and white image with  black, white and grey shades of charcoal. The effect is surprising: the less we know about what we draw, the more precise the image becomes. Since the Renaissance the grid-method is often used as a drawing-tool, later extended by the camera obscura, the photo camera and digital means of projection. In the composition »picture postcard« we will reinvent the content of a profane image and retell it’s story by excluding information. We will activate gaps and in-between spaces as actors on the stage of our drawing. Finally we will reinvent the postcard-stories and create our own scene of action.

Beyond Architecture II

Translation & Composition (stairway)

The staircase of the BAI-building is the scene of action for a series of drawing experiments. We will start out by investigating it’s architecture with a picture frame, through which we will capture the most intriguing perspectives. We will then turn the staircase basement into a stage – a simple sculpture made from furniture will be our motive. We will use experimental drawing methods to translate the scene, which will intensify our perception and reinforce our attention on the situation. We will be confronted with changing viewpoints, provoking us to take quick decisions regarding the arrangement and the composition of our drawing. Our impulse to hold on to every detail is hampered. Drawing means omitting and letting go. The experiments will also raise the question, which lines are important and necessary from a certain viewpoint. It is all about experiencing forms, sizes, materials as well as proportions and intermediate spaces. Finally we will ask a number of artist-actors to enter the stage. Just as the spectators, they will document the scene from their own point of view.” (Text by courtesy of Nikola Röthemeyer)

More information on the NIKOLA RÖTHEMEYER Website.