Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

March 05 – 06, 2019, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Nikola Röthemeyer for her workshop introducing our participants to EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING – Compositions »Grid« & »in-between« during the basic course within the studio program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency & Art School.

“Composition »Grid«

Calculation and intuition are employed in this composition. The exercise is clearly defined and organised in three simple steps. The challenge lies in following the rules of the experiment and, at the same time, producing an individual and graphically convincing result. All possibilities have to be pushed to their borders. How do I interpret the rules and how can I use their limitations? Can I find gaps in the system, can I push them to the extreme? How do I achieve a personal approach and how can I challenge routine and uniformity? How can I provoke tension in my composition even though foreground and background don’t exist and all the elements are equally important? Which possibilities do concentration and diffusion, light and dark, contrasting forms and colors have to offer?

Composition »in-between«

The composition »in-between« focusses on the relationship between forms and gaps, forms and non-spaces or objects and in-between-spaces. The separation between object and background in the sense of important and unimportant is irrelevant. Everything in the picture is important. The non-form can be the main actor in our composition, the object itself can play the side role, turn into a silhouette or it may be eliminated all together. The in-between-spaces are colorful, ornamental, dominant and thus turn into forms. The translation, however, may also create a subtle and quiet tension, simple solutions can be complex: a torn paper line, a white that is just not quite white, a side-by-side, which occasionally turns into a for- or background, varying rows, rhythms and distances.” (Text by courtesy of Nikola Röthemeyer)

More information on the NIKOLA RÖTHEMEYER Website.