Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

Basic Course EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING by Nikola Röthemeyer

January 08 – 09, 2019, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Nikola Röthemeyer for her workshop introducing our participants to EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING – Composition »Technical lines« during the basic course within the studio program at BAI | Berlin Artist Residency & Art School.

“The lines of sewing patterns are technical, rational, constructive and impersonal. Nevertheless, the instruction sheets have their own graphic charm, a chaos of overlapping lines – thick or thin, dotted or in colour. The lines have a purpose, they want to construct and be functional. One can read their intention, their standardised writing can be deciphered. But – can they charm me? Can I create something original with them?

In the last course we dealt with the wire hanger. We succeeded in finding a personal translation for this industrial product. Is it also possible to reach a unique, personal expression in a technical drawing? Which options do we have? Maybe the collage or the assembly of several pieces? What happens if I isolate one element? How does it turn into a new image? Or can I add something to the drawing, continue it imperceptibly with a pen and ruler? Or should I eliminate certain parts with white paint and reduce the lines? How does a cool construction line come into being? Which tools work best? Marker, felt pen, fine liner and ball pen allow little or no expression of the line.

In the second part of the experiment we want to apply the aesthetic of the technical line in our own drawings. For this, real, three-dimensional, technical objects are displayed which we will translate into a drawing. The cool, clear, precise and strict language of the first experiment is to be applied. Is it possible to create a new handwriting by denying one’s own handwriting? How does individuality find it’s way? Can realistic and impersonal drawings of technical objects carry the unique handwriting of the artist?” (Text by courtesy of Nikola Röthemeyer)

More information on the NIKOLA RÖTHEMEYER Website.