December 29, 2021, 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist and artistic director Pierre Granoux introducing our participants to the curatorial projects & artist-run-space LAGE EGAL and guiding us through the exhibition December’s Children (And Everybody’s). The visit is part of the BAI Studio Program | Berlin Artist Residency, Art School, Arts Incubator, and Live Online Courses & Classes.

Exhibition Dates: December 18, 2021 – January 15, 2022
Location: LAGE EGAL
Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 3 PM – 6 PM & by appointment
Address: Greifswalder Str. 34, 10405 Berlin

Participating artists: Florian Auer, Klaus Killisch, Sophia Pompéry, Gonzalo Reyes-Araos, Nina E. Schönefeld, The Pietras Collection

“The title of the exhibition refers to the Rolling Stones’ album December’s Children (And Everybody’s), released in December 1965. It was the last of the band’s early albums, on which covers and original songs were still mixed. The exhibition also presents a mix of styles, generations and media, combining paintings, photographs and installations. The common thread in the works presented is the connection to light, whether analog in the form of an LED attached to the paintings or a video installation, or staged in photographs of a computer whose screen light illuminates a desert area in Chile, or the playful image of a light bulb dipped in a glass of water but still glowing.

The works in the exhibition reflect their immediate surroundings in the exhibition space, and some works even illuminate the gallery street. Light here becomes a reflection in the truest sense of the word, an examination of the spatial conditions of the space it inhabits.” (Text by courtesy of LAGE EGAL)

More information on the LAGE EGAL Website.


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