WEEK 1: Herbal Study

In this meeting we will do a practice herbalists use in their studies: getting to know a herb’s properties by drawing and drinking it. This excercise uses observation and the senses to form a more intuituitive idea of the plant as an entity in its own right, than just a utilitarian one.

We will observe the herb’s appearance, qualities, effects, and also compare observations. This process will establish the theme of creating an intuitive encounter with a plant, as opposed to looking at pre-given knowledge. We will look at different examples of descriptions of herbs by herbalists and artists and compare and contrast these with our observations as well.

The course starts like this as this activity is a good way to recognise your own sensitivity and value your own observations. Homework will be set to repeat the exercise using a plant of your choosing, and developing a drawing or writing. You may use your prefered medium for this activity.

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