Read how some of our former participants review their stay at the BERLIN ART INSTITUTE.

“I was at BAI for six months. I always knew I wanted to live in Berlin and explore my artistic practice there and it was really life changing. The studio programme at BAI allowed me the time and space to create and be inspired by the other participants who were from all around the world and at different ages and stages of life. I had never been to art school, so having critiques from visiting artists was also a new experience that was mind expanding, sometimes challenging and mostly encouraging. I was talking about my artistic practice to someone at least every day, which was a great exercise in how to communicate and clarify my process, intentions and references. Stephanie and Ralf are so passionate about what they are doing at BAI, ever supportive and gently questioning. They also make space for practical advice on websites, pricing and exhibiting. I would recommend BAI to anyone looking to explore their creativity, whether they are a practicing artist or not. While at BAI I found the confidence to take on commissions and embody myself as a professional artist. If you can, go for longer than a month, as you will definitely want to stay.”

“BAI program is absolutely the best. Do work, get amazing crits, take time for serious discourse, have encounters and lectures/seminars with experienced and fascinating people from the art world. The studios are great, the concept of the program works, and above all, the leaders (Steffi & Ralf) know the entire artworld and continue to bring their personal energy as well as their endless connections to the art world into the program. I was there on and off for nearly a year. Hope to attend again. I’m not alone in my praise — this concept works.”

“I’m very happy to have past these few months at the Berlin Art Institute ! The studio spaces are great and allowed me to work in quite a big scale. Ralf and Stephanie guided me through my work process and were thoughtful mentors. Would love to come back !”

“I had a great time discovering more about my artistic practice at BAI. Being in an environment that is full of different perspectives on creativity and is a supportive one really helped me become better and improve on my skills. Thanks so much Ralf and Stephanie for the supervision, I am looking forward to explore more of what I can do after my stay in BAI.”

“This experience changed me in so many ways! I am still processing it I met so many beautiful people and got to listen to different and interesting perspectives about art and life! I totally recommend it, no matter which moment of your career, age or place you came from!”

“Had really great time during my residency in BAI, enjoyed the program a lot, and especially the discussions and super friendly atmosphere! I discovered a lot new about my practice and knew more about art in Berlin. It was extremely useful experience for me. Many thanks to Ralf and Stephanie for guiding and conversations, and to all lectors and participants of the Block 10!”

“I enrolled to BAI in the search of a place that would give me the chance to free my artistic will. With no experience in art schools and never enough qualifications to apply in other art residencies/ art schools I found my chance at BAI. This place was my little heaven during my 4 month stay.

Ralf & Stephanie’s approach to art is broad, inclusive and passionate, and this is what makes BAI a great place to explore and free your artistic expression. Their guidance through the Berlin art scene is great and the school agenda with studio visits, seminars and lectures is excellent and diverse.

Although the seminars / workshops are not necessarily always related to your production or style, the chance to immerse yourself into different art productions will always enrich your knowledge or vision on art expression.  At BAI I also had the opportunity to connect with artists from all over the world with the most diverse experience and backgrounds.  Additionally, sharing studios with them gives you a unique experience where you can learn new techniques, get/give constructive observations or even get the chance to do collaborative work.

I totally recommend BAI and I also wish to go back soon! Thanks R&S for creating this space where there are no limits to create.”
“The focus on constructive and critical discourse, while still providing a studio space for individual practice, makes the BAI a unique and rare residency program. For me, it was the perfect mix between theory and practice. Moreover, the multidisciplinary model of the program organically facilitated intense open dialogues, small and large group discussions, experimentations, and collaborations (and late-night drinking sessions). On a more personal note, Ralf and Stephanie are personally invested in every participate. They generously put endless time into supporting, inspiring, mentoring, talking, laughing, and sharing with everyone involved. Oh, and the pasta salads are delectable! Thanks for hosting me!”
“My experience at the Bai was excellent. I felt totally supported, respected and at the same time with the freedom to continue with the development of my artistic process, thanks to the research of new materials and searches promoting self-confidence in my own artistic criteria and in the potential that one brings; without pressure and according to my needs. I consider that the BAI studio art program promotes a concrete opportunity for growth that, according to the way in which each participant takes advantage of it, can exceed their expectations not only as an artist, but also on a personal level. It is a platform stimulating, innovative and constructive, which promotes the development of the artistic language as well as self-confidence and the increase in one’s own talent and criteria. The coaching of their generous and well-prepared directors, as well as the interesting individual critical discussions they promote; as well as also in group, among the participating artists, exchanging and enriching with different ages and parts of cultural background that each one brings from their own countries is a clear demonstration of it; and it is a point that truly ‘adds up’ by the baggage that is shared, making people aware of seeing art from another perspectives.

In addition, the already planned visits to galleries and seminars given by talented thinkers, artists and / or curators invite to instruct the participants in knowledge, questions and conversations about contemporary art as well as to know how to insert themselves in it professionally. This also gave me the opportunity to explore the cultural richness, the idiosyncrasy and the art world that unfolds in the incredible and now beloved city of Berlin.
I would also like to highlight the loving disposition and task of its directors, the artists Stephanie Jünemann and Ralf Schmitt, virtuous human beings who give themselves to the participants in a interested and careful way, generating each one to carry out their own process, guiding from a non-pretentious place or higher; and with enough love to stimulate everyone in their own aspirations. I hope to come back, because I feel that thanks to this institution I was able at a particular moment in my life to rediscover part of my paternal roots in this beloved European land and thus realize an important and unforgettable internal process that transcended even my own art.”

“I came to BAI in September 2017 without very much knowledge about what the institute would offer, how I would work or what skills I would leave with upon completion of my stay. My main goal was to leave after three months of the Portfolio Program with an answer to the question of if I wanted to pursue Fine Art as my career. Six months later I’m leaving BAI feeling more fulfilled and inspired than I thought I would – it has exceeded my expectations.

The directors Ralf and Stephanie are excellent mentors in the sense that they have a wealth of knowledge about the art world from business, creative and social perspectives, but they allow you to absorb and enquire at your own pace. The program is structured in such a way that participants must be self-motivated and decide how much or little they want to achieve during their stay, but stimulating discourse, advice and collaborative growth are available at all times from Ralph, Stephanie and the other participants. The atmosphere of the studio, especially if it is a reasonably full block of study, is energetic and motivating. Berlin has a wealth of art events and spaces to explore and the Program encourages participants to expand their artistic practice beyond the studio (sometimes it’s hard to leave… you may get lost in the studio painting, chatting to your mates and living off pretzels from the bakery next door).

If you enroll in the Portfolio Program there is ample opportunity to discuss your work and plenty of constructive critique on what artistic path may be the best for you, how to compile your portfolio and what to include to make you a serious candidate when applying to schools.

If you’re looking for a lot of workshops or intensive teaching, this may not be so much for you – there are stimulating guest lectures, seminars or workshops each week, but this is not an instructive school. It is very self-motivated and more about allowing you to learn about your own art practice and giving you the space and discourse to do so.

Overall I would highly recommend the institute. Many people come for a one-month stay, to experiment in a new setting and be inspired by the art scene in Berlin. I would recommend staying a little longer – the participants are very international and so transient that sometimes it feels as though a month passes in a rush of new faces only to be replaced the next month. Stay a while and you will experience the full value of the creative environment.

Many thanks to Ralf and Stephanie for their positive energy and commitment!”