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BAI Online Program

Please note that BAI will record the live sessions and check before booking a course the technical requirements as listed below.

Online Course by international lecturer Habib William Kherbek

Habib William Kherbek is the writer of the novels Ecology of Secrets (Arcadia Missa, 2013) and ULTRALIFE (Arcadia Missa, 2016), New Adventures (left gallery, 2020) and the forthcoming Best Practices (Moist Books 2021). His video-poem playlist/collection/reading retrodiction (2016) was released by left gallery, other poetry collections include Everyday Luxuries (Arcadia Missa, 2018), and 26 Ideologies for Aspiring Ideologists (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2018). Twenty Terrifying Tales from Our Technofeudal Tomorrow, a short story collection, will be released by Arcadia Missa in 2021, and an art book, Still Dancing will be released by TLTR Press. Kherbek’s essay “Technofeudalism and the Tragedy of the Commons” (2016) appeared in the first issue of Doggerland’s journal, and he has contributed essays to the “Intersubjectivity” series from Sternberg Press. His writing has appeared in the award-winning Block Magazine, Tank Magazine,, Berlin Art Link, MAP, Flash Art, Spike Magazine, Sleek, Samizdat, AQNB, and a number of other publications.


“A series of discussions centring on changes in the economy and how these changes are feeding into cultural production and social relations. The series will begin with a lecture outlining the concept of technofeudalism. The following sessions will consider the relationships of forms of artistic production to systems of power, particularly how new forms of economic relations permit or demand new artistic forms. The series will conclude with a discussion of the advance of platform companies into historically colonised countries and the potential consequences. The course will include materials from a wide range of sources and disciplines including economics, history, business and management theory, philosophy, political science, aesthetic theory, media studies, and contemporary art. The sessions will seek to examine the ways in which these distinct fields are informed by and feed forward to inform what can be called a ‘technofeudal imaginary’ that nourishes and reproduces existing power inequalities. Participants will be given assignments between sessions and are encouraged to bring questions of their own to pose to the group.” (Text & photo by courtesy of Habib William Kherbek, photo: Habib William Kherbek during his lecture at BAI, April 2019)


  • Participants will read major works of contemporary and historical philosophy. 
  • The course will emphasise the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. 
  • Seminars will seek to develop writing and co-working skills. 
  • Research skills and best practices will be discussed throughout the course in relation to various disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches. 
  • Participants will encounter qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and the course will seek to develop skills in the understanding and interpretations of these forms of research. 
  • Participants will have opportunities for direct contact with the tutor regarding assignments and in-session topics.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants can expect to have an enhanced understanding of significant contemporary topics including data science, surveillance economics, and monetary and fiscal policy. 
  • The course will seek to cultivate networking opportunities and skills. 

Min. seats: 5 | Max. seats: 30 | Language: English

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Recording of Live Sessions

We record the live sessions so that they remain available for a logged in course participant until one week after the last session.

Access to content

You will get access to the course content and lessons in our learning management system once you are enrolled.

Technical requirements

We will use the Zoom Meeting application for the live sessions. You need a stable internet connection. There are two ways to access the live meeting:

1. Via the Zoom app
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2. Via Google Chrome Browser on
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We will provide the Zoom Meeting ID before each meeting. BAI will record the live sessions.

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