Wir freuen uns, dass unsere BAI Alumna Fernanda Rueda an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf zugelassen wurde. Seit Herbst 2016 nimmt sie am Studiengang Freie Kunst teil! Weitere Informationen auf der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Webseite.

Fernanda Rueda schreibt über ihre Teilnahme am Studioprogramm und Mappenkurs des BERLIN ART INSTITUTs:

„When I finished high school I ambitioned to begin my Fine Art studies in Germany and precisely because of this big desire I decided to attend the BAI for a period of 6 months.

While I was there I developed various portfolios for my applications and now, after what I consider a very short period of time, I am now part of the Freie Kunst program in the Art Academy of Düsseldorf.

The BAI provided the fertile atmosphere for me to develop my art practice. It was a platform that allowed myself to flourish individually, digging deeper into my own interests while promoting self-reflection thanks to the flexibility and freedom of the program, in addition to the open-minded attitude of Ralf and Steffi. They both understand the importance of discussing the artistic work – their constructive critiques and feedback is something that I definitely appreciated.

Being in the program, I got a small insight into the Berlin art world and was introduced to other interesting practicing artists during the seminars and talks. Being exposed to these factors, that aren’t always of easy access, was extremely stimulating.

All this pushed me to experiment and find out plenty of different creative possibilities while sharing amazing experiences and cooperating together with other artists attending the program. It was fun and productive times where I developed what I think as a strong, consistent portfolio.

The BAI was a good, enriching and very motivating starting point that helped me get one step closer to my future ambitions. Warm greetings to Ralf & Steffi and a sentimental thought to the amazing workplace that I was provided with.“ (Testimonial von Fernanda Rueda, 2016)