Aug 18 – 20, 2015, 2 – 5 pm

Many thanks to the artist Doris Marten for her seminar “STRIPES – THE MOST ABSTRACT PATTERN IN MODERN PAINTING”

“Parallel lines are lacking any reference to reality. Such clear and precise structures are of extraordinary pictorial effecitveness as regards their aesthetic dimensions as well as their signal effect. This effect and signal force of stripes and lines and other geometrical forms rest on their isolation. Their ornamental character is shown in this way, the supposedly pure, non representational „objective“ language of geometry becomes charged with subjectivity as soon as it revealed its emblematic nature.

Since the nineteen eighties a new generation of artists employs the classic formal vocabulary of Constructivism, American Minimalism and Op Art. New paths were beaten through the combination with such diverse media as design, comuter generated procedures, video, film and architecture. The reason behind this developement lies in the special ability of geometrical forms to transport aspects of the technoid as well as the ideal in equal measure and thus adapt itself to the altered perceptional world of industrialised societies.

To visualise this developement, we will have a look at the work of important artists like Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, Max Cole, Bridget Riley, Günter Fruhtrunk, Daniel Buren and Gerhard Richter. In addition to that we will compare their work with the results of young artists as there are e.g. Gabriele Evertz, Gilbert Hsiao, Rob de Oude, Dieter Balzer, Esther Stocker etc.”