Sep 22 – 24, 2015, 2 – 5 pm

Many thanks to the artist Andreas Koch for his seminar “THE VISUAL ARTIST IN BETWEEN HOLLYWOOD AND SOCIAL MEDIA”.

“The visual artist, which uses photography, is threatened by two sides. On the one hand technical possibilities became very advanced and hollywood, publicity or videogame designer are using them with millions of dollars as budgets, on the other hand everyone is producing tons of images and posts them via social media. Where can art survive?

In my course i will discuss that problem and will have a closer look at the so called post-internet-art, which handles that problem in imitating both sides, in using the internet as resource of images or producing high end studio-images (see

In the three days we will try to develop another strategy by refusing producing any images, we will not go into the internet, we will lock our cameras and smartphones, we will walk to a golf course, we won’t have pencils and won’t draw or write anything. what we will do is thinking about what could be really worth to produce. Aim of the three days is to have one image, not by everyone, but one in total.”