March 15 – 17, 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Stephanie Jünemann for her seminar “About Concept and Coincidence in Abstract Painting”.

“In my painting I have developed a concrete, abstract position, in which the color as a material plays a prominent role. By layering, structuring and casting the acrylic varnish, I let arise pictorial spaces. By the transparency of the stumbling layers of color and the shine of the surface these generate a spatial quality. I understand the now and again experimental handling with color as a dialogic principle. At the same time coincidence and incidence in the working process are enrichments and always contribute to the advancement of the formation of painting.

In the beginning of the seminar I will talk about my artistic work and development as well as about some other artists’ positions relating to the topic. The key issue of the seminar lies on practical work in the studio focusing on aspects of coincidence and abstraction in painting.” (Stephanie Jünemann)

More information on the Stephanie Jünemann Website.