February 11, 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Many thanks to the artist Silvia Lorenz for her lecture “Lost and Found. From the Street to Outer Space and back”.

“My dialogue with space is provisional, the driving force are the doubts about the existing state of things and the search for a wider perspective. Central topics are the outer space and the existential question about the place of human beings in space, our possibilities or failure on the building sites of ‘Spaceship Earth’.
The form are often transient sculptures made from carefully chosen materials, recycled from everyday usage. The questions and the choice of material built a conscious opposition. The cosmic space of imagination meets the garbage of everyday life – as traces of human behavior.
Satellite swarms meet an introverted Litfass Column; the falling Engels lands next to a golden toilet; Icarus, test pilots in the centrifuge and tardigrades try to survive as astronauts.“ (Silvia Lorenz)

In the talk personal works, general thoughts and further artistic positions on improvisation, the streets, outer space and nomadism will be discussed: “All that´s mine, I carry with me“.

More information on the Silvia Lorenz Website.