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The BAI Friends Program was launched in 2017 with the aim of providing access to single sections/parts of our programs addressing those who cannot make it to participate in the entire block structure of our studio program or former participants who want to stay in touch with the institute. As a participant in the Friends Program you are invited to attend the lectures and visits in the framework of the BAI Studio Program and the BAI Spring Academy. Also the lectures embedded in the seminars are accessible. Beyond that you can join our visits to studios, galleries, exhibitions, museums etc. Before the start of each block you will receive the program details. 

For more information and registration please send a message to:

1 year (13 blocks) = 390 €

The fees are VAT-exempt by the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Science pursuant to Paragraph 4 No. (21) (a)(bb) UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).

The participation fee is payable immediately after the BAI confirms the successful acceptance in writing. Please do not make a payment before receiving a final confirmation by the BAI.

  • Lecture WHY ARE YOU HERE? by Stine Marie Jacobsen

Lecture WHY ARE YOU HERE? by Stine Marie Jacobsen


October 19, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm

Many thanks to the artist Stine Marie Jacobsen for her lecture “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” and discussion with our participants.

“Stine Marie Jacobsen’s lecture will cover and share what […]

  • Visit to COME OUT (TO SHOW THEM) by Caroline Kryzecki

Visit to COME OUT (TO SHOW THEM) by Caroline Kryzecki


October 11, 2017, 3 pm

Many thanks to the gallery manager Meggie Jaworski introducing our participants to the gallery concept and guiding us through the exhibition “COME OUT (TO SHOW THEM)” by Caroline Kryzecki at SEXAUER Gallery.

Exhibition Dates: September 09 – October 21, […]


Visit to SERIAL FORMATIONS at Daimler Contemporary Berlin


October 04, 2017, 2 PM

Many thanks to the art historian and doctoral candidate Meredith North introducing our participants to the history and the concept of Daimler Art Collection and the exhibition SERIAL FORMATIONS at Daimler Contemporary Berlin.

Curator 2017: […]