From March – May 2017 in the frame of the studio program artist Euan Lynn worked out an object titled Concrete Composition #1.

Concrete Composition #1, 2017, 18 x 18 cm, Concrete

Seeking to explore the politics inherent in our built environment, Euan Lynn’s approach uses skateboarding – both as a subject and an artistic medium – to highlight how it is possible to radically redefine the most mundane of spaces, uncovering the political intent in these locations and bringing it to the fore. 

With a focus on material and texture, and working across multiple mediums including photography, painting, and sculpture, Euan’s work simultaneously reflects on the relationship between the art and architecture of the Modernist movement, and on how our experience of the urban landscape can be altered to reveal the hidden cities that lie before our eyes. In doing this, the politics of a space can be inverted or revealed – removing us from the late-capitalist metropolis, and providing us with an alternative way of experiencing the city, perhaps closer to the radical intentions which influenced its design. 

The strands of Euan’s work weave together threads of constructivism, psychogeography and high and low cultures colliding to produce a vision of an environment shaped, but not limited by, the ideals of 20th century modernism, and suggests alternative uses such as skateboarding as a way of reclaiming the original utopian spirit of these spaces and artworks.” (Euan Lynn)

Euan Lynn is an artist based in Newcastle. Starting in September 2017 he is going to attend the 2 year Master of Fine Art (MFA) program at Northumbria University. He was one of the artists selected to take part in the exhibition u. A. w. g. @ 404 | BERLIN ART INSTITUTE in June 2017.

More information on the EUAN LYNN Website.